TAR__Trust, Action, and Respect

Doesn’t stale mean old? Exactly! So is the name of this story old white man? No! Is it stale white man? No! How many sentences do we have in this story? Why? If you let me finish writing the story you will get the meaning of the story. Macadamia! What is that supposed to mean? It is a nut. Are you calling me a nut? Yes, a faraway nut from Australia. Brazil nuts are good. What! The color of the nut is… Shut it down. We ain’t doing color. We are doing people and how people are supposed to be treated regardless of color, disability, sexuality, religious beliefs, money, neighborhood and so forth and so on. The next story can be Stale Old White Men.

What is bothering you? I wonder why people always ask the question, Was he or she Black are White? You mean African-American. No! I mean exactly what I said and I mean what I have written down. Whose writing this D… story anyway? When people look at the skin you are in and cannot figure out who or where you have been it moves a mountain. You moved more than mountains. You got rid of the D… street signs and caused pure road hazard. Look at the feedback you got from the story Our First Michelle Obama. Girlfriend I was totally shocked when I clicked on. You have talked about Gwenda Looker for years. So you just assumed she was Black. Yeah! Why! All the things she liked and you never said otherwise. Did you ask? No! Well, there you go. To be on the for real side I couldn’t answer the question about Gwenda Looker because she removed the color barrier. She fought hard for my son and it never seems to matter what color he was nor the parents. That’s what I’m talking about. She wanted what was best for my son and any child regardless of his neighborhood, race, or financial status. She carried extra paper, crayons, gum and stress balls (for children who had sensory integration problems). Although you thought she was BROWN SUGAR BABY, Gwenda carried around sandwiches for children so they would not get hungry through the day. It kept the children focused. Gwenda Looker was INTERNATIONAL! The GOP, Congress, Republicans, and the Tea Party has the opposite characteristics. This part of the opposite end of the spectrum is very dark and destructive.

Remember when you introduce me to your husband. I looked into your face, your eyebrows went up, your mouth twisted, and your nose spread out like you were 6 months pregnant. Do you recall what you said? It has been many years ago but I introduce him as my husband. You never gave his name and now he is a HIM. Girlfriend you are too tough. Did you ask? No! I thought you were going to piss on the carpet, your head would spin around backward and I would need to call the POPE. To be honest he is the star of the Exorcist II. It has been 33 years and I still don’t know his name. Is HUSBAND his real name. Oh, my GOD! I never told you his name. Hey, I’m not one to meddle but I thought it was not a good TIME to ask. Even after all those years. Right! Right! Now, what does that tell you? I’m asking you. Oooh! I see where you are going with this story. His A… wasn’t stale he was dead. He wasn’t INTERNATIONAL. Although he thought he was big DIDDY ON THE BLOCK he wasn’t even a region nor residing in his own neighborhood. When the PRESIDENT used the word REGION I did not think about the reduction of Russia but how small POOT-BUTT looked for taking over Crimea. The way I processed the takeover of Crimea it’s a small region and a small man took it over. It reminded me when the President change the wording War on Terrorism to the War on al-Qaeda. Talk about a breast reduction. The 44 D-cups was reduced to a 32-A cup. Saddam Hussein world was crushed. There is nothing wrong with a 32-A. There is nothing wrong with not having any breast when you know it was the best decision to save your life. You got that right. Saddam Hussein absent save many lives. Right! Right!

Are you going to tell me your husband name? To be honest with you it was his behavior that made me want to forget everything about him. Ooooh! So his behavior totally wiped out who he was as a person. Color and everything? You know when you lose TRUST in a person, their ACTION does not match any words that come out their mouth, and RESPECT flies out the window it boils down to TAR. TAR covers up a lot of Sh… TAR is the destruction of dark color materials. It is humiliation, beat down, severe punishment, the guilt someone or something will have a person process their misdeeds. Now that is DEEP! You are singing with the group OUTKAST. I feel-yah! On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, the same TAR is smeared over people with UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS with neurological disorders. No one wants to work with the behavior and a really good person gets the chance to star in the Biblical series, Left Behind.

It would be so nice if everyone could vindicate themselves, have a track record with no blemishes like the FBI. Chris Christie and Darrell Issa should try out for FBI recruits? As the song rotates in my mind That’s Why The Lady Is A Tramp I get the feeling Christie is throwing shades of gray to cast poison and TAR those with Unintentional Behaviors to cover his A… so he can get off the hook. Thinking about everything that has been said here today the opposite end of the spectrum has been key model images for the change in color and not being able to identify the skin one is in. The color is green. The person is inhumane. The status is the rich 1%. This has gotten to be quite stale. Progress will not evolve out of this behavior only injustice.

My husband’s name is MAX. Come On! Three letters vs seven letters in HUSBAND. Dang! He was just like a credit card, MAXED OUT. Should we have them click on? No! Save it for another day. You talked about color. It is inevitable. It is the Now Progressive Movement of today which will affect our children and their children’s future.

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  1. kynny garrett says:

    in today’s society we do lack t.a.r. and i do not mean the substance that covers up the potholes we have in kansas city. that is a comment for another comment for another story. people have trust issues based on actions where there is a rodney dangerfield of no respect. look at some of your companies that people have to watch their back or otherwise get stabbed in the back like julius caesar. oh wee beware of the eyes of march because there is a lot of madness that goes on. just saying. no matter what walk of life that a person is from we as individuals need to learn to build trust based on actions that does earn respect instead of drinking that damn hatarade. it is time to include people not exclude people.like mac donald’s have you have your break today; it should be have you had your hug today. like in the blues brothers everybody needs somebody. those brothers had some soul for white men. maybe that is why they had the song i am a soul man. righteous!

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