Telling It Like It Tis And Not Like It Twas

It’s okay to get sidetracked. As long as you jump back on your horse, recover your focus, and outrun the course. Oh yeah, we are definitely going in search of the list. The list is ever so important. WHY? It will help the world understand there is a Neurological Syndrome that has been kicked to the curve, struggle with emotions, and isolated because it just doesn’t seem to gel with the DSM5. NLD Syndrome is a real truth teller. The opposite end of the spectrum__Ordinary People, G-Money Dawgs, and those affluent people suffering from Affluenza demonstrated they are the worst contenders and biggest pretenders for role models in the category of intelligence, social appropriateness, and social competency. The opposite end of the spectrum took mental illness to new heights. Conservative Government officials hypnotize folks into believing they actually knew What The Ha-Hell they were doing. The people found out the pretenders couldn’t make decisions and followed their leader into a teapot of hell. Who got scorched and burned? The conservatives on the opposite end of the spectrum minds turned out to be, “I’m A Little Teapot.” Inequality of race, inequality on the job, inequality of gender, inequality of class, and inequality of the laws has burned the people and our nation to the 4th degree. The massive wounds of lies, misinformation, lack of emotions, lack of communication and inhumanness can infect and kill our economic system. Massive wounds are difficult to treat and one normally dies from the infection. Sooo…

Who was stigmatized to the utmost? The neurological behaviors got put on a list and were called Syndromes With Social Incompetencies Disorders. Williams Syndrome (WS), Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Hyperlexia, Autism, Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD), Asperger, High function Autism (HFA) took center stage. Well, If you know anything about these particular Syndromes I hope you understand when they didn’t interact, respond to their environment, or people appropriately it wasn’t because they did it Intentionally. What was Mr. Green Eggs And Hams excuse?

What is the problem with people who have the ability to make a decision and Intentionally fail to do what is right for the people, the nation, and even for themselves? What is the problem when Lies are respected more than the Truth? What is the problem when a life is no longer worth being insured and treated medically or psychologically? What is the problem when Hatred and Racism are validated in the media for years and years? What is the problem when you can berate your employees, underpay them, and think it is fair to pay? What is the problem when firing a good employee is the only solution? What is the problem when one group of folks can say anything or do whatever they want to do when they don’t have the true existing problem, to begin with? What is the problem when you acknowledge you are wrong, take responsibility, and demonstrate you can learn from your mistake? What is the problem when you can show the world you are a decent human being and can show emotions?

You say potato and I say po-tot-to. If you wish to state it as what is wrong instead of what is the problem, I’m cool with that. Either way no matter how you state it something is terribly wrong. How can the psychiatric community possibly view NLD Syndrome as a neurological neurobehavioral disorder? The opposite end of the spectrum is not judged harshly and gets off Scott free, rub their noses, and wipe their booty on insanity in order to hide under the umbrella of Affluenza?

There is a network out there and I’m not singing Patti LaBelle’s Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Although it is one of my favorite tunes. I’m not playing that tune today. MSNBC has championed all networks and news media by demonstrating their flaws, emotions, their strengths, and weakness. This network acknowledged when they were right and when they got it wrong. They stepped up their game and apologize when the apology was needed. From many of the viewers, it was felt the apology was unnecessary and unfair an unequal treatment was rendered to MSNBC. My question to Comcast Corporation, “Is punishment your solution to solving problems?” Are you willing to sell out the most priceless entity of your company to Bain Capitol located in Romneyville? The people made you and the people can break you. Making deals with money dawgs who are not respectable and sleeping with the enemy will give you flees. How many large companies have been crumbled because they lost their legacy and values of what their company actually represented? It is hard reaching the top. It is hard staying on top. Smart has become Smarter and moving forward is the Smartest.

Once again Inequality has been shown to MSNBC just as it has been shown to people on the Flip Side Of The Chart (behind the scene of psychiatric diagnosis) and to Ordinary People who will get served for far less than the mighty white ELITE-SI-UM-NITES. Yes, those late night dinners by candlelight and making backroom deals that aren’t right. Telling 47% of the nation to take a hike. Who should get an apology? We are waiting. If you have a need to rely on factual information and documentation this is the network for you. It sure in the hell isn’t Fox News who teaches ab-so-lute-ly nothing. War! Huh! Say It Again.

There are many teaching tools needed to demonstrate the following: how conflict is resolved, different lifestyles, educational values of countries around the world, wars we don’t need to have our A.. in, how technology is moving our nation forward, and how to become and remain a Super Power. Make a wish list like because there is so much more. Fox News is your SELFIE CHANNEL taking pictures of themselves, having unreliable, unenlightened guest who is not very well-respected in their circle of enemies. Fox News is the Money Matters of Channels. Only their Money Matters. Okay, they suck! If you need the SHOP SMART or THE CONSUMER REPORT of the Media hangs with MSNBC. It is all about who is trustworthy, your democracy and reliability. Will Comcast become the next Behemoth Company thrown in with the lost legacies? Will Comcast have their YouTube Live moment singing Phil Collins exit song, In The Air Tonight?

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  1. kynny garrett says:

    let is get down to the nitty gritty mitty of it all. if bill o’reilly on fox news and rush can say what they want to say without consequences then why melissa harris perry has to take the flack. grant it she owned up to it but bill and rush didn’t. does it make rush and bill right? the answer is no because they are white. rich and white with a nasty severe case of affluenza. hey, mitt if you are reading this and i hope you are. will the real mitt romney please stand up and come out his ivory tower to give the 47 percent an apology. until you do shut the fock up and stop criticizing other people because we are ordinary people who actually feel and do have remorse for what has transpired. unlike you who uses affluenza as a get out of free jail card. get the fock out. you mean bush and chenney can drum up lies and create a fake war where we lost close or over 6,000 lives. geeze what a SHAME. chenney has no remorse or apologizes for his actions and didn’t he say that if he had a chance he do it again. now that some dangerous murderous intentional behavior where nid is unintentional behavioral. like stated before inequality by class and race at it is finest.

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