What The Hah Hell!

Yes, you are looking at it right. It is a moment in TIME when something is said or an action has been taken and it is so unbelievable. It makes you step back and take a deep breath and really look at the person, place or the situation.

The gears in the brain begin to rotate faster, the jaws will tighten, one’s heart rate speeds up, and your eyes begin to shift from side to side. You know at this very moment what happened just aroused your suspicion, caught you totally off guard. It has rampaged through every emotion in your body. Your skeleton system is now being played like a xylophone. What comes out of your mouth is, “What The Hah Hell!” The questions start pouring in. The river will begin to overflow.

This outrageous act will be put under a microscope and scrutinized until there is nothing left for scrutiny. In the back of your mind, you are thinking “I know they didn’t go there. Did they just say…? Oh, you have crossed the line now!”

So what are you telling me? You don’t believe that yourself. You have got to be kidding me. Do you expect me to believe that? Come on now! No, you didn’t! Think of the TIMES when you have had these moments and things got so critical you went there. What words did you use? Okay, I forgot you were critical and the words you may have used were a bit stronger. There are many words to fill in the blank. Who are the people and the incidents that make you have the “What The Hah Hell” moments?

“What The Hell Moments,” can be triggered by people who never get their facts right or never seem to do the research. They make horrible comparisons. Their ideas are so conservative. Change is not on their agenda. There is no flexibility. Before you can introduce a good proposal it will get shot down. The answer will be NO. Here come the petty meetings because the people are petty. When they use the words, YES WE CAN, it is used for the destruction of the PRESIDENT. “What The Hah Hell!” What makes them appear to be POWERFUL is not their knowledge but their ability to dangle their money in front of the AMERICAN PEOPLE and DENY the PROGRESS of OUR NATION. Slavery, Bondage, Oppression, is what they want for WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION. It is their strategy to DIVIDE and ISOLATE so it will only be one CLASS. CLASS OF WAR will not exist if there is only the CLASS of the RICH. Who do you think are the main culprits dragging down the economy?

The ADJUSTMENT BUREAU manipulates lives. You have to stay on their path, never take risks to make any changes, and you can never choose for yourself. Your Voice will not be heard. The power lies in Salty Words, Words of Intimidation of the Abuser.

You know the Abuser image has to be larger than life. The reality will reveal the true COWARD. Once you discover behind the curtain the GREAT WIZARD has NO POLITICAL MACHINE, dammit, you are still hanging out with the GANG of Six. Toto had sense enough to split from the Gang. Steve Martin knew how that felt in the JERK. Dorothy was mad when she had awakened. She had never left the building. The meeting Dorothy attended was petty and no creation of jobs was discussed. The WHINY WOOS whined about the tax cuts for the RICH. Discussions on disaster relief, healthcare for the poor and middle class did not get a handshake. Collective bargaining was totally avoided by the WHINY WOOS. It was more important to pick the Hair Dye and Gorilla Glue for the two front-runners for the PRESIDENCY. “What The Hah Hell!” Wendy Witches sho-nuff Britches take their conspiracy theories to a new elevator ride.

To think you can set gas prices at $2.00 by drilling. The vaccine that makes you mentally retarded goes straight to the top of the elevator. “What The Hah Hell”! Wendy’s sister who thinks our PRESIDENT pals around with terrorists. She was confused. Tourist is what she really meant. Quitting the governorship just to pay your bills and run for President. “What The Hah Hell!” The Prize Winner Awards of “What The Hah Hell” are: Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, Shawn Hannity, Fox and Friends-Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, Brian Kilmeade. We can’t leave out Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Eric Bolin, Heidi Harris, Michael Savage, Lori Ingram, Lou Dobbs, and many more Walkie Talkies in the Right Wing Conservative World.

The Prize Winner Awards of “What The Hah Hell” in Government goes out to Speaker of the House John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, South Carolina Senator Jim Demint, Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina, Representative of Wisconsin and Chairman of the Budget Committee, Paul Ryan, Congresswoman of Minnesota, Michele Bachman, Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney, Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, Governor of Florida Rick Scott, Governor of Ohio, John Kasich and many who is attending the Dysfunctional Family Reunion.

The Prize Winner Awards of “What The Hah Hell” Moments in History goes out to the following: Congressman Alan West who compared himself to Harriet Tubman. John Boehner compared government spending to Crack Cocaine and who also stood there clapping for the President’s speech not realizing Pass This Bill Right Now got him excited and was the right thing to do. Congressman Anthony Wiener being confused on how to appropriately use FaceBook and Twitter. The Tea Party Republicans shutting down the government and trying to make a second attempt. Congressman Doug Lamborn of Colorado calling the President a Tar Baby was A Bridge Too Far. Rush Limbaugh comparing the President to an Oreo Cookie was insane. John Kasich of Ohio and Scott Walker of Wisconsin were stripping Union Rights and making unilateral decisions. Sit back and think of your “What The Hah Hell” moment. I’m quite sure you can come up with at least three or maybe more.

The most recent “What The Hah Hell” Moment was the Execution of Anthony Troy Davis. It was a Rainy Night In Georgia. There is also a “Moment of AHA.” This is the moment of Discovery, Truth, and Vindication. “AHA”! Justice has not been served. What does this have to do with NLD? Bottom line it is a brief moment in History which demonstrates what is RELEVANT and what is IRRELEVANT. It demonstrates what can be said that can make your MAD-O-METER rise to 2.00 minutes. The POPCORN IS READY! It also demonstrates the double standards of what can be said by the so-called normal community. What would happen if people with NLD Syndrome acted in this manner? Isn’t this Hypocrisy? From the Flip side of the Chart. Keeping it Real for NLD SKILLS.

Dedicated: To all the men and women in prison Wrongly convicted, serving a life sentence, and on Death Row.