This Is a Woman Decision

We come to far to turn back now.

Women march to a PROGRESSIVE BEAT.

In ROE V. WADE we cannot allow,

Stripping women’s dignity by DEFEAT.

How did we arrive at this conversation?

Most men RESPECT their WIVES?

The REPUBLICANS have a strange fascination.

For trying to control women’s LIVES.

This is NOT about RELIGION.

Don’t try to silence our VOICES.

This Is A Woman Decision.

Women can make Intelligent CHOICES.

Why would you try to lobby,

To have the RIGHTS to our PRIVACY taken away?

BABY! Our body is not your hobby.

Wait for it until JUDGEMENT DAY.

I thought this discussion was over.

It was handled back in 1973.


Your SH…T is now up a TREE.

Your lips can’t even pronounce the WORDS,

The procedures our body goes through.

Some of you men are quite DISTURBED.

You really don’t have clue.

This is a Woman Decision,

If we decide to have an Abortion or NOT.

This subject is a head-on collision.

REPUBLICANS, your brains are shot.

This Is A Woman Decision.

Pro-life, Pro-Choice is our balancing ACT.

The REPUBLICANS brought on the division.

They did not stick to the FACTS.

This Is A Woman Decision.

She can decide on a trans-vaginal ultrasound.

Force stipulations of this provision,

Diminished her CHOICES on the ground.

This is A Women Decision.

How can she be denied her CHOICE?

A wife, a mother, a woman of great vision,

It will strip away her strong VOICE.

This is dedicated to the WOMEN across AMERICAN and the WORLD. Take A STAND. There is no stepping back into MEDIEVAL TIMES. SLY AND THE FAMILY STONES would like this. WOMAN WORTH-song by ALICIA KEYS.

Giving a special SHOUT OUT to the WOMEN of Alabama, Virginia, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Kansas, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and Louisiana.

2 comments on “This Is a Woman Decision

  1. Thomas L. White III says:

    I love this poem, for it’s deep content, it is a voice of reason, of reality, rights, and liberty. It needs to be heard because it is FACTS.

  2. kynny garrett says:

    time to come out of the ivory and play. won’t you be, won’t you be a woman’s neighbor and learn what they go through on a daily basis. it is bad enough that they are pressure to be and look a certain way by the media. come on now look what happen to whittney houston when she went through the media pressures and now she is no longer with us. now why are the republicans are playing god with women’s health? it it just another day in the abnormal neighborhood for them i guess. before passing any crazy legislation on women health; just close your eyes and image yourself going through pregnancy or the other stuff women go through. once you put on a woman’s shoes then you have a greater appreciation of what they go through .

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