You Are Not Alone

I don’t know how to tell you.

Where should I begin?

It didn’t just start yesterday.

The marriage is nearing an end.

Your mother and I have decided.

Since we have grown so far apart.

There is no way to reconcile,

What matters is what’s in our hearts.

Do not try to blame yourself.

You have wonderful capabilities.

Within our marriage we RECOGNIZED.

It brought us love, hope, and tranquility.

We all have obstacles to overcome.

You need to understand.

When your pain becomes so great.

We will be there as a support plan.

It is hard for our children to express themselves.

All the anger gets locked away.

As your father, the same mistakes were made.

I delayed the problems for another day.

Finally, we had to realize.

We aren’t the only ones involved.

It is TIME, to be honest, and open.

How did our marriage dissolve?

A lot was invested in our relationship.

I thought it would truly last.

Lies and deceit played a huge part.

Love is now the past.

We had to get our courage up.

Our children have done nothing wrong.

The emptiness we all will suffer.


DEDICATION:  This poem GIVES RECOGNITION to all the families across America and the NATION who are going through the process of a DIVORCE or their DIVORCE has become FINAL.

Children take a tremendous PRIME BEATDOWN in the fallout of the split in the marriage. It is not the parent’s DIVORCE but the DIVORCE of a FAMILY UNIT. Even if there are no children involved,

DIVORCE is a DEATH that can not be RESURRECTED through a greater sense of PURPOSE-reason, PASSION-true intense emotions, a PLACEMENT-in position to accommodate others, PRODUCTIVITY-output, and POWER-effectiveness. It is over. Done! Will Downing would sing it to the tune of I Tried.  Toni Braxton’s swan song is Just Be A Man About It.

2 comments on “You Are Not Alone

  1. kynny garrett says:

    even though things do come to an end, another begins. don’t let divorce be a spiritual end but be a man about it and take responsibility that it didn’t work out and move on.learn, live, and love is the three l’s to live by in healing the soul. like the moving stella got her groove back, it is time to get your groove back and start stepping to a new tune. it is time to take life by the reigns and think about the children.

  2. Jesper says:

    my father had a massive sprawl in the head when i was three years come which made him really supe rvery sick and he had to lie down on the time he had. all the blood flow killed his parts for walk and talk talk talk talk talk talk about talk!
    I have not heard my fathers talk at all, it does not exist in the world of mine, I miss him and i hate him and love him so! I want him to be there for me but he cant be there because of all the drugs he fed to his brawnsap brain.
    I miss him.
    I really miss the things i cant miss because they are not real to me NOT REAL and im doing what he did. I fed myself the drugs of death, the drugs of death that will kill and make miss in the world, miss of me. and i still feed on them from time to time almost all the time everytime or not all the time but too much time. for me it feels like all the time because they kill me.

    Thank you thank you spank and wankj you! I am crying now and I have been for the last hour since i started reading here again, i havent cried for like spike bike a year now because i didnt turn on but shut of the brain of myself and put in the fake and lie and bake.

    I will never stop to be myself again ever i hope. because i cant know nothing and all, one cant know at all i think. knowing that i think i know is a know but still a think so i dont know but i think whatever ranting panting.

    Love you thge most and best fuck fuck fuck! too much for me right now since i never ever ever dared to be me before really. Im me now and i know me now i do really true! I always hated me for not knowing me and never trying me, never being me. Now maybe i CAN KNOW! maybe i can BE ME!


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