Orange Is The New Temporary

Several deadly incidents caused by the Active Shooter landed Walmart Store, 2857 on the State of Emergency list. Signs posted on each door at Walmart read as followed. ( Attn: Shoppers, TEMPORARY Store Hours. The Store will be closed 1 am to 6 am daily until further notice. Thank you, sorry for your inconvenience?. What is wrong with this picture?

I sincerely hope Walmart really evaluated the whole picture. What is the whole picture? Walmart decision was based on the safety of the people and the associated first. The other part of the picture is KCI International Airport distance from Walmart is approximately 8 miles making it 12 minutes away. Do you you think someone on the board of Walmart would keep store 2857 open at night not giving a d**n about safety?

Did Home Office or Asset protection send the police to Walmart on Boardwalk Square? Whoever made the decision did it Temporarily. Until further notice, the police will remain at Walmart. Wait for a minute, the signs are no longer on the door. I guess Walmart has made its decision. Whatever decision Walmart made I hope they realize Death is not TEMPORARY but PERMANENT.

Let me explain something! Richard and Maurice McDonald hamburger does not taste like Five Guys. Ray Croc stepped in to put more Flavor Flave to the company in 1955. Ray Croc will tell you to this day it is all about location, location, location. This is what put the Golden Arches on the map. This is McDonald’s moneymaker shaker. I can hear Notorious B-I-G and the BRAT signing off with their signature holler Baby Baaaaaa-by. Salt and Pepper would stomp down on it with Ooo Baby Baby.

For the record, associates can no longer remain uninformed. Reading keeps the brain tight. It’s mandatory to know your employee rights. Under Martial Law, people’s rights are removed. Constant chaos every day leaves no room for productivity. Who created the chaos? Was this an act of senseless sensibility? The biggest threat to the associates and customers is Walmart. Money is the major priority of the behemoth company.

It all sounds so familiar. Just in case Walmart says they are in shock, they didn’t know, they never heard of it, remember these important questions.

!.) Who dismiss the First Responders?

2.) How much are the First Responders paid hourly?

3.) Can Walmart afford not to have the First Responders on sight?

4.) Did Walmart base their decision on the safety of the customers and associates?

5.) Did Walmart base their decision on money?

6.) Is it business as usual with Walmart?

7.) Who out there in real-world think store (2857) should be shut down early like the other store closings?

8.) Why is store 2857 Boardwalk Square still open passed midnight?

9.) Will Walmart bring the First Responders back full time not TEMPORARILY?

10.) Should Walmart and the CEO be held accountable for their poor judgment of saving lives?

11.) What is Walmart and the CEO plan? Do they have a Plan?

It all sounds so familiar. There are so many questions in my head. I do not have the support of First Responders nor Asset Protection from 10 pm-7 am. No, they do not care. Walmart can not form their lips to say they had no clue. It is all a LIE. How many stories have I written on Walmart’s behavior? How many years has it been? Money Matters, not the People are Associates. It just like cancer. Cancer did not start today. Cancer did not start yesterday. Hatred and racism are the Ride or Die, partners, of cancer. Never TEMPORARY!

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One comment on “Orange Is The New Temporary

  1. Kynny Garrett says:

    Coming back from vacation was like stepping into martial law or what we call a state of emergency. The first few days the first Responders were here but that didn’t exempt me from looking over my shoulders to see if Death was around the corner. As I walked the aisles of 2857 I felt like Phil Collins “I can feel it in the air tonight.” For years the temperature was rising and there was a sense of urgency to pay attention to the climate change in our store. Was this the moment that I was waiting for all my life to see my own life pass before my own eyes or a loved one? No I don’t want to see my life end this way in cold blood. As I passed by the orange signs I was reminded to take precautions in everything I do in a hostile environment.

    Looking at the new orange reminds me of that robot from Lost in Space, “Danger Will Robinson, danger.” Even through the bomb threats there was a state of emergency and the right of habeus corpus was exercised that the right freedom of speech and communication were taken away from the associates but later were found on customers’ Facebook pages of what happened at Walmart. It is like there was a hypocrite oath of silence that was taken and that was to say nothing and go along with the program that is everything is under control; which in reality everything was not under controlled but covered up with lies.

    Truth be known I never heard of active shooter in a Target Store or a Costco but at Wal-mart every three months associates have to take computer courses on active shooter. “What Is Going On” sung by Marvin Gaye is playing in my head. What I truly admired about former president Obama, he came to sites of ground zeros where acts of violence had happened and gave us a sense of unity, comfort, and hope that America will prevail in the darkest hours but you don’t see CEO Doug McMillan aka Dougie Fresh coming down to ground zero in El Paso, Texas or any Wal-mart stores giving associates hope that we will overcome tragedy in unity. I don’t see the commander in grief coming to Missouri to denounce the act of violence.

    Oh that’s right he is the cause of the random acts of violence that are happening country wide. Like Toni Braxton said, “ Just be a man about it,” and own up to it. Stop putting all the blame on mental illness and video games on these acts of violence. In fact that was taken out of the play books from the 1990s. Stop hiding out in Trump Tower and taking these vacations because the country needs a leader not a commander in grief. Dougie Fresh come out and take a walk on the wild side. Be accountable and help fix what is broken and that’s the associates and customers sense of pride of being safe. Don’t shhh the truth be the truth and address the problem by bring back the first Responders full time and not part time.

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