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It has been two years since I retired from the Brick and Mortar Corporation. I put down my pen due to my health. I was emotionally, socially, mentally, physically, and spiritually drained. Retirement means to start a new mission in this moment and Time. To say not the least but to say more I was devastated seeing employees who never drank begin to drink. It was painful to see employees that never smoked become human chimneys. Retiring from the Big Dog Company left the employees broke because the company didn’t pay their employees shit. We all know 401k Plans do not generate money while you sleep. It was time to regroup.

The Brick and Mortar behemoth company only invest in their stakeholders. A stake was driven into the heart of the associates who put the Big Dog CEO’s ratchet ass on the map. I really despise I and me. The I nucleus factor, everything centered around I and never helping the next person which could be You. I am the greatest. I am the richest. People in charge of their I nucleus factor will never tell YOU they are the most SCANDALOUS. We have all witness the scandals surrounding the great I. Don’t let Mr. or Ms. I get caught. They want your forgiveness. Please dial 1-800-Christ. Not my job to forgive your lack of integrity.

We will not exclude Gimme! Gimme! Gimme this. Gimme that. Gimme the money. Oh yeah, me first. Pick me. We can not leave out the gimme In-laws and Gimme Outlaw’s and the cousins of My and Mines. My girlfriend ass is bigger than your girlfriends ass. My dick is bigger than your dick Whew! Good luck with that. That’s your problem not mine. That’s your baby not mine. The money is all mine. The car, the house, the dog, the kids I want it all. It is all mine. Divorce Time. Unbelievable!Take a break. Lets have a YouTube moment. Play the song Liar by Profyle.

Gary Vee the following blogs runs from January 2011-April 2020. I hope your attention span is long. This blog will kill a lot of the YOUTUBE people. Whoever read these stories about the Big Behemoth Corporation should never treat their employees as if they have no Value. The employees wanted at the end of the day for the Behemoth Companies to put themselves in the employee’s shoes. The Big Dogs would never stoop to such a low level. They did not have the ability to show Empathy, Compassion, and Support. Gary Vee, the associates were treated poorly. Some of the associated were told employees are a dime a dozen.

Unless you have a neuropsychological disorder and you struggle in your life with the inability to show Empathy, Compassion, and Support for other people then this put you in the category of UnIntentional Behaviors. Even on the flip side of the chart these companies could and should make better decisions when they have the ability to do so. The Big Dog Companies isolated their employees and granted the kiss of death. This meant no developing friends or relationships because the Behemoth Company thought the employees would start a union. No collaboration what so ever. There was no bridging the gap between the bricks and the blocks. The Mortar was to fill in the gaps of the abuse the Behemoth Company handed down to their employees.

This is My Why:

1.) For the associates who was afraid to advocate for themselves they have a voice and a choice. A cancer patient has choices. A lot of the choices we may not like but if given another moment in Time or a second chance in life we will take it. The Clock is Ticking. I know the Deal. I know the Drill.

2.) To protect the associates and demonstrate that they have rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964|US prohibits discrimination based on race ,color,religion,sex,and national origin.

3.) Under Constructive Discharge:

a.) an employee feels if he/she is in hostile work environment

b.) the employee can consult with an attorney to confirm they can prove constructive discharge

c.) the employee formally resign and tell their member of management or employer they are going out under The Rule of Constructive Discharge.

d.) the employee can submit a claim to the Equal Opportunity Com-mission (EEOC)

Under the Department of Labor guidelines please check your state for the deadline on submitting a claim. The employee needed to understand if they lived in an At-Will State vs Just Cause. At-Will means employees can quit at anytime for any reason or no reason at all. Companies can terminate an employee for any reason or no reason as long as the reason isn’t prohibited by law. Disabled employees are protected by ADA. People over 40 protected by ADEA, and Pregnant Women is protected by Pregnancy Discrimination Act. Title Vll of the civil rights act of 1964 protect companies with at least 15 employees based on race, color, sex, religion and national origin.

e.) if the claim is reviewed and confirmed on the basis of constructive discharge the employee can receive unemployment benefits. If a lawyer is retained, they may be able to recover lost wages , benefits, cost of legal fees, and much more. Common reasons for constructive discharge is discrimination, job demotion, retaliation, management disregard (management do not regard the complaint of the employee and fail to make changes to a negative environment). Also if there is a co-worker with negative behaviors and members of management fail to address the behaviors which makes another co-worker uncomfortable and no action is taken to find a solution it lays the groundwork for constructive discharge. Pay decreases for unfair reasons creates an atmosphere of fear making the employees uncomfortable. Lack of disability accommodations on the job forces resignation for a person who has a disability. They are not provided the necessary accommodations on the job to do their job. States vary in their laws. Please check the guidelines via Department of Labor.

4.) For the employees and people who cross my path in life who expressed they felt invisible at home, in school, in church, and on the job. Whatever quality of life I have left I will be dedicated to helping You. In this moment in Time I can make changes today. The changes for the past are behind me. As a content creator, YouTube gives me an opportunity to leave a legacy for future generations via vlogs, blogs, Tik-Tok, FaceBook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

5.) This information is for the Corporate Behemoths Companies that has failed their Litmus Test to treat their employees as human being and not to use their employees as a tool to do many job which the employees are not trained to do. The company set the employee up for failure. The employees will never exceed expectation. Corporate CEO’S who make 600x times the amount of the employees salary has forgotten who put their ass on the map. The Big Dogs lost many of their subscribers . The signs “For Hire” is every where. You don’t have to wonder why.

I understand YOUTUBE’s concept. I know my target audiences. I eat sleep and breathe the content. WHY! I LIve the content and I’m here to serve YOU. My I is strictly there to help the next person help themselves to allow them to help the next person.

Linda Ballard pushed the Button. I’m 67 years young. I’m on a new mission. A Mission to make the world better for future generations. My channel is 911 Health. Also look under Linda Ballard.

Gary Vee serve up the Empathy Wine. Remember to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes to deliver Empathy, Compassion, and Support to your many businesses. Thank You.

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