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The Family First CoronaVirus Act (FFCRA) and Corona Virus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (Cares Act) was signed into law on March 18, 2020, took effect April 1, 2020, and Expires on December 31. Visit http://www.forbes (Forbes). When I wrote COVID-19_Walmart I said I used Disability/PTO. I meant to say I am using The Family First CoronaVirus Act (FFCRA). Forbes article gives you a rundown on the following:

The Family First Coronavirus Act: How it Expands Family and Medical Leave Rights.

Family and Medical Leave Rights Prior to the Coronavirus

How The FFCRA expands the FMLA

Exempt Employers

Non-Enforcement Period of the EFMLEA

Bottom line in conjunction with the 2 leaves (FMLA and EFMLEA) employees rights are protected under medical leave until December 31. 2020.

Paid Leave Under the Family First Coronavirus Response Act. Visit

Tom Spiggins senior contributor is an employment lawyer who writes about workplace rights at Forbes. Visit

Visit Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employees Paid Sick Leave. I hope qualifying reason and duration of leave answer Shirley’s question.

Know Your Rights: The Family First Coronavirus Response Act Paid Leave and Paid Sick Time FAQ. Visit

Visit Read and learn more, Families First Coronavirus Response Act: What Businesses Need to Know

Congress Must Extend Paid Leave Protections to All Workers in Next Coronavirus Response Bill. Visit

Visit FFCRA: Families First Coronavirus Response Act (4/1/20). Their logo is Better Workplaces Better World

Visit Replay: COVID-19 Update for Your Workplace.

Visit the Find attorneys. They collaborate with the world’s leading lawyers to deliver the news.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act Guidance and FAQ. Visit The associate wanted to know if they would return to their regular position. They felt Walmart was trying to force them back on the job by asking them were they able to come back. The associate felt bullied. Their position was not job-protected.

Does the employee have a right to their job at the end of their leave?

Employers with 25 or more employees are required to return the employee to the same or equivalent position upon their return to work.

Employers with fewer than 25 employees are required to return the employee to the same or equivalent position upon the return to work,


The employees’s position no longer exist due to an economic downtime or other circumstances caused by a public health emergency during the period of the FMLA.


The employer has made reasonable attempts to return the employee to an equivalent position. The employer must make efforts to return the employee to work for up to one year following the employee’s leave. I hope this answers you question Sabrina H.

Q. Do employees have a right to return to their positions after taking expanded leave. A. Generally, yes. Employers are prohibited from firing, disciplining, or refusing to reinstate employees because they took expanded sick leave or family and medical leave. However, employees are not protected from employer actions (such as layoffs or furloughs) that are unrelated to the employee(s) leave. Visit

The following questions:

We require employees to use sick/acrued PTO etc. for FMLA absences. Can we do so here?

Can the employee voluntarily use their employer-provided leave benefits (such as PTO/vacation/sick time) if they want?

Once again visit

Find a Pro Bono Lawyer in your area. Visit

Find a Employment Law Attorney in your area

To any associates who are unsure of their workplace rights please refer to the following websites. We must stay informed. It is so important to READ.

My friend with the yellow pen always ask the question, “Did I get it right?”

Thank you, Bill and Melinda Gates, for your contribution. During this pandemic crisis, the world needs trusted people so our lives can move FORWARD. Nancy P. I will remain hopeful and prayerful. I will think of you as I move toward my refrigerator and get my Ben and Gerry, Chunky Monkey ice cream out of the freezer. Take a break and go grab your chocolate candy and ice cream. Smack your lips. I get it. I enjoy myself because I’m chocolate. Let them eat cake while we enjoy our ice cream. The party has only been delayed. The party is not over. There is HOPE!

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  1. Kynny Garrett says:

    A teacher once told me, “in order to win a war you must know your enemy. By knowing your enemy is to think like your enemy but be forewarned not to become your enemy.” In today’s age of COVID-19 there are laws that protect a worker from being terminated from a leave of absence but be forewarned companies like Walmart will try to say,” I have total authority.” Now who does this sound like to you. Do know this you do have rights as a worker and you need to know your rights and do not let any one tell you otherwise.

    You might ask yourself, “how can I know my rights and what I am I entitled to under a leave of absence under COVID-19?” The answer is this; arm yourself with educating yourself by reading The Correct_FFCRA in and click on to the links as highlighted. To Walmart associates please read Walmart_COVID19 found in the same website mentioned. In the past Walmart have implemented policies where that their own people are not informed about federal laws because Wal-Mart wants to be the law by saying, “ it’s my way or the highway and if you don’t like it then you can find another place to work.”

    That’s not the case because Wal-Mart had contradicted itself that you don’t have to leave Walmart for another job according to the late founder and CEO Sam Walton of Sam’s Club and Walmart. Here is where the killer comes into place Wal-Mart has an open door policy where an associate can exercise their rights of grievances to the company without retaliation. Wrong again, because Wal-Mart does retaliate against you and how do I know this my mom used their policy of PD 51 on former Co Manger Theresa Renzetta, who is now a store manager at a Walmart at the Legends on the Kansas side. My sister and I was retaliated against because of the open door policy back in 2007 of the month of November. Does this sound like the movie V for Vendetta?

    If any event you have questions about your rights as a worker please go to Remember Wal-Mart works for Wal-Mart and they think they are the new sheriff in town. Late breaking news where is CEO Doug McMillon in the break of the pandemic of not only COVID19 but also the retaliation pandemic on Walmart associates exercising their rights to work and the policy of leave of absence under COVID19. Sounds like Where In the World Is Carmen San Diego or Braddock Missing in Action without Chuck Norris. Like my mom always tell me, “know your rights and know the company you are working for.”

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