Rest Peaceful, Our Nubian Queen

Throughout our lives, we shared so much,

Conversation, Family, and Friends.

Our Nubian Queen with a magical touch,

Who shared love to the end.

Your words of wisdom opened many hearts,

You elevated our self-esteem.

It hurts to see our loved ones depart,

You will remain our Nubian Queen.

Rivers of tears, flow like a stream…

To express our hurt and sorrow.

Sleep peacefully now, our Nubian Queen,

God has granted you a better tomorrow.

Bea Fontaine, you will always remain,

Lifelong in our hearts and dreams.

Wisdom and knowledge that we gained,

It was inspired by our Nubian Queen.

Down this path, death now echoes…

She walks with a gracious gleam…

This is not goodbye, but a later Hello…

God has called home our Nubian Queen.

Dedicated to Beatrice Fontaine and Family.  Giving recognition to her lifelong mentor-ship and love she shared with family, friends and the community.

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  1. Jen says:

    beautiful tribute

  2. I love you.

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