5 Fears | The Burden Of Co-dependency


Fawning is a response no one ever talks about. This the response the person in a a co- dependent relationship uses. They tend to be the secret people pleaser. No one ever checks on them because they appear to always be good. This the person who may slip through the cracks and may delete themselves.

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  1. smokelbg says:

    I don’t quite understand why nobody ever talks about the Fawning response. I have lost so many friends, family, colleagues because they always think this person has it together. That is why they slip and fall through the cracks. They never want any to see their true self. The person that gains strength from helping others can’t help themselves. So when they do delete themselves nobody ever believes it should’ve happened to the person who gave his life away. There was nothing left to fight with. Linda Ballard 911 Health @smokelbg

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